Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ABS-CBN Grand Kapamilya Audition Caravan 2015

MANILA, Philippines - ABS-CBN officially announced today the full details of Grand Kapamilya AuditionCaravan which will open this Saturday, March 6, 2015 as it highlights the 10th anniversary celebration of the country's popular reality show Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) and the second edition of 'The Voice Kids'.

PBB on its 6th season this 2015 is looking for new housemates with its scheduled auditions on Friday and Saturday (March 6 and 7) at the Araneta Coliseum.

The “PBB” auditions will be held at the Red Gate Entrance of the coliseum for hopefuls aged 18 to 35 years old on Friday, and for teens aged 13 to 17 years old on Saturday. Make sure to come early as only the first 10,000 auditionees will be accommodated. Auditionees should bring a birth certificate or a valid ID.

On both days, the coliseum’s Green Gate Entrance will also serve as venue for auditions for “It’s Showtime’s” “Mini Me” segment (open to nine-year-old kids or younger, solo or group) and “That’s My Tomboy” (open to participants 18 years old and up), as well as the second season of “The Voice Kids” Season 2 (open to kids aged seven to 13).

In addition, “Maalaala Mo Kaya” will hold a story gathering for those who want to share their life stories, while Star Magic will look for new talents with potential.

ABS-CBN’s Grand Kapamilya Audition Caravan will also be conducted in other parts of the country, such as :

Pacific Mall Mandaue in Cebu (March 13 and 14), 
Pacific Mall Lucena in Lucena City (March 20 and 21), 
Robinsons Place Santiago in Isabela (March 28 and 29), 
KCC Mall in General Santos City (April 17 and 18), 
and Abreeza Mall in Davao (April 24 and 25).

ABS-CBNmobile Fast Track Lane (FTL)

Young people with talent and the inclination and fortitude for stardom may not have to wait too long just to get a foot in the door to the auditions of Pinoy Big Brother Season 6 and Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 6.

Thanks to ABS-CBNmobile, PBB aspirants just need to have an ABS-CBNmobile SIM to get on the Fast Track Lane for the PBB auditions.

It’s so easy to register. Beginning March 3, ABS-CBNmobile subscribers can pre-register or pre-book anaudition schedule for the Araneta Auditions by following these instructions.


Monday, December 8, 2014


When Yasmene Arim decided to take on the challenges in Bonakid Pre-School’s Ready Set Laban Season 2, her mother had very simple but no less relevant words of wisdom for her precocious seven year old daughter: “Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.”
The dance, swimming and taekwondo aficionado sent in their auditions online and actually became the show’s first guests to make it via online auditions.
“Sobrang excited ko (I was so excited),” young Yasmene enthused.
“Pinapainom ko si Yasmene lagi ng gatas at pinapakain ng maraming gulay at fruits. We believe we are strong, we can fight and we can win this competition,” her mother adds.
And they did.
The show is designed to bring out the strength, energy and resilience of children and bring out the Batang May Laban in them by way of traditional Filipino games such as tumbang preso and patintero. The host of Ready Set Laban Season 2 shares how he can describe the show in three words: Ready To Play. “The kids I encountered are so ready to play and face the challenges in the show. It did not feel like I was working. I just had fun and I played a lot with them,” Drew Arellano shares.
For its second season, Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban came back with more exciting challenges and bigger prizes. As for what young Yasmene asked for as a prize? She asked for school bags and supplies for her friends and classmates at school which Bonakid Pre-School Ready Set Laban Season 2 happily provided.
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About Bonakid Pre-School
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For more information about Bonakid Preschool and Ready Set Laban Season 2, visit or www.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

StarStruck 6

Dream. Believe. Survive. Again.   StarStruck, GMA-7's original reality-based artista search, returns to television. The search for the next Ultimate Survivors begins as nationwide auditions kick off this weekend (September 6-7).   Filipino nationals (from the Philippines and abroad), aged 15 to 20 could be the next sensational Kapuso celebrity after successfully going through a series of artista challenges. Distribution of registration forms is on September 6 (Saturday) 4:30PM at the Souvenir Shop, GMA Annex. Interested applicants do not need to bring any requirements. Simultaneously, there will also be distribution of registration forms in select malls in the regions (CSI Mall Atrium, SM City Batangas, SM City Cebu, SM City Bacolod, SM City Naga, SM City CDO, SM City Pampanga, SM City Iloilo, SM City Davao). The first 500 registrants in Metro Manila will be accommodated on September 7 (Sunday) for the auditions kick off in Sunday All Stars. Audition proper starts at 1 pm at the Studio 6, GMA Annex.

Distribution of registration forms is on September 6 (Saturday) 4:30PM at the Souvenir Shop, GMA Annex. Interested applicants do not need to bring any requirements. Simultaneously, there will also be distribution of registration forms in select malls in the regions (CSI Mall Atrium, SM City Batangas, SM City Cebu, SM City Bacolod, SM City Naga, SM City CDO, SM City Pampanga, SM City Iloilo, SM City Davao). The first 500 registrants in Metro Manila will be accommodated on September 7 (Sunday) for the auditions kick off in Sunday All Stars. Audition proper starts at 1 pm at the Studio 6, GMA Annex.


Casting Dates (2014)Key Cities
September 8-12Metro Manila
September 15-19
September 22-26
September 29-30
October 3
October 6-10
September 13-14Dagupan and Batangas
September 20-21Cebu and Bacolod
September 21-22Naga
September 27-29Pampanga
October 11-12Iloilo
October 18-19Davao

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jobelle Bascug, Sexy and Beautiful Shoplifter in Cebu

Don't be deceived by her looks. She is Jobelle Bascug, 19 years old and alleged as the most beautiful shoplifter in Cebu. She  was caught on CCTV cameras after she was suspected of theft and made off with some P10,000 worth of clothes and accessories from a boutique in Mandaue City, Cebu on Tuesday, August 12, 2014. Through the social media account of the alleged theft, she was identified as Jobelle Bascug from Southern Leyte. 

GMA Cebu’s Lou-Anne Mae Rondina reported Wednesday that sales personnel were surprised over the theft as they observed the woman staying inside the shop for two hours and trying out the items there..

Authorities identified Bascug because she left behind the clothes she wore before entering the shop along with a boat ticket with her full name printed on it. Her identity was confirmed when they searched and found her account on Facebook.

The owner of the boutique, Jessa Romagos, contacted Bascug, who promised to pay for the items. But Romagos said she is still pursuing charges against Bascug.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Claudine Barretto Died of Drug Overdose; Victim of Death Hoax

Claudine Barretto is not dead, despite rumors to the contrary.
 The Filipino actress did not die of a drug overdose, her lawyer emphasized after rumors started spreading via social media websites on Tuesday.
 Ferdinand Topacio, the lawyer, told DZMM that he has enlisted the help of the Philippine National Police Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (PNP-CIDG) Cybercrime Unit to deal with the rumor.
 The rumor fooled multiple media outlets, including the usually-solid ABS-CBN.
Tapacio said that it is a “cruel joke” and admonished whoever is possible.
Her estranged husband Raymart Santiago accused Barretto of using illegal drugs last year, but the actress tested negative for drugs.

She’s also dealing with controversies involving her sisters.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mysterious disease in Pangasinan

There are people in Pangasinan who are now suffering from a mysterious disease, it is a flesh eating disease. This could be one of the prophecies of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj.

“The Lord says there is a place called PANGASINAN. The Lord says it is in the northernmost part in your land. From there a grievous disease will spread all over the world. That will consume the flesh of men; all their upper (outer) skin will begin to decay. It will pierce through the bones. The fear of this disease will spread all over the world. The Lord said that this (disease) will begin from the Philippines.”
“This will then spread to CEBU.”
Please watch the report from ABS-CBN last February 24, 2014.

Please click this link to watch the video report:

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Prophecy of Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj

Talks about this Indian prophet are circulating online after a video of him prophesying in April 2013 at Cuneta Astrodome about Bohol earthquake (fulfilled in October 2013) and Typhoon Yolanda, a supertyphoon that hit massively in Samar and Leyte in November came true.

Sundar Selvaraj made the claim when he made an appearance at the 24th National Prayer Gathering at Cuneta Astrodome in April this year that these dangers will come true if residents won’t repent and pray.
“If you don’t repent and pray, God has planned much destruction all over the Philippines which are very disastrous. The cup of God’s wrath over the Philippines is very very disastrous. There will be much disaster all over the land. The Lord will give you over to flood and waters. The Lord will torture your land with typhoons and hurricanes. The Lord will plague the land with diseases. The Lord will punish your land with famine and scattering,” Sadhu said.

He says, “Your sins are very grievous. The Lord is waiting graciously for your repentance. The Lord is waiting for you to repent. Your sins are reaching up high to heaven. The sins of blood are being shed on your streets. Therefore the Lord is also very angry towards the nation. The Lord is also waiting to execute His judgments because of His righteousness. The Lord has kept a short time for your repentance.”
“When you repent ther will come a great change in your nation. If you will be callous about repentance, a great disaster will come upon this nation. The typhoons and the hurricanes and the sea waves are waiting to come and crush the land.”

Below are his prophecies in order of appearance in his talk in April 2013 at the 24th National Prayer Gathering at Cuneta Astrodome.

Compostela and Tagum
“There is a place called Mindanao, and below that strait is a place called COMPOSTELA. The Lord said that there is an appointed typhoon to come upon that area. It will surround a place called TAGUM. Then the foundations will be shaken; many people will die. It will be a big lesson and a fear to the rest of the world. A huge number of people will be scattered. You may have to depend on the nations of the world to help you.”

Samar and Leyte
“The Lord has kept in reserve for a mighty typhoon to rise up against 6 lands.”
“God’s anger will come upon the islands of SAMAR and LEYTE. A huge typhoon is planned to come over there. There will be disasters through flood.

“The Lord showed me a place called PALAWAN; a great flood and a great typhoon will come upon Palawan. Many people will die there. A great grievous death is coming to Palawan.”

Floods on Hundreds of Places
“There are hundreds of places waiting to be flooded in the Philippines. There are the smell of waters in many places in your land. The Lord says death is coming by waters.”
“Grievous death is going to come to MINDANAO.”
“The Lord is going to pour His bowl of wrath upon these places.”
“There is a smell of waters in many places in your land. Many people will be drowned. Maybe you have faced many times such dangers, but these coming dangers will be great in the eyes of the world.”
“Hundreds and thousands of people will be scattered.”
“Many houses will be ravaged.”
“Many people will be refugees in their own land.”
“A very pitiful state will come upon you when you will have to depend on other people to help you.”
“Children will die of hunger, of pain and of waters. Many children’s bodies will be thrown in the streets.”
“Many areas will become muddy and swampy.”
“Many great dangers will surround your nation.”
“The Lord says your rivers will come upon the land.”

“The Lord says there is a place called PANGASINAN. The Lord says it is in the northernmost part in your land. From there a grievous disease will spread all over the world. That will consume the flesh of men; all their upper (outer) skin will begin to decay. It will pierce through the bones. The fear of this disease will spread all over the world. The Lord said that this (disease) will begin from the Philippines.”
“This will then spread to CEBU.”

Diseases in Cebu and Bohol
“Another new disease will spring forth from Cebu.”
“The Lord said another disease will come from BOHOL. It will be a challenge to your nation. This disease will spread very wildly so that every people will fear. It will spread all over the land, and then it will spread into many nations of the world. When this disease strikes a man, it will cause the man’s body to turn black. Many old people’s bodies will burst. Their bodies will decay and rot. People will be afraid to bury such people. The Lord said that such plagues will come to surround your land.”

Floods in Luzon and Cebu
“There’s going to come mighty floods in LUZON and CEBU.”
“It will come as a result of the winds and the waters. All these dangers will come that history has never seen before.”
“All your irrigatable lands will be destroyed. At that time you’ll stretch forth your begging hands for food from other nations. Your children are going to die of famine and hunger.”

70 Islands to Disappear
“70 islands of your nation are waiting to disappear under water. The waters will rise up against them. The shouts and the cries of the people will be terrible.”
“The waters around the COASTAL CITIES will pass the coastal cities and enter into the land. Many people will lose their property; many people will fade away in sunlight and land.”

Earthquakes, Fires, and Volcanic Eruptions
“Earthquakes will come in your land.”
“Volcanoes will erupt in many places.”
“There will be cries and troubles in the land.”
“These are all the grievous dangers that God has against your land.”
“Your young people will become captive. The hunters and the captors will increase in your land.”
“Wicked people will walk on the streets in your land. They will kill many people in broad daylight and throw their bodies in the streets.”
“There will even come a dangerous time when people will kill each other for food.”
“The Lord says many buildings will catch fire. God will set many buildings with fire and shakenings.”
“God will cause dangers to come through lightnings and thunders.”
“These are all the dangers, disasters that God has planned for this nation.”



‘If you will consider Me during these days of grace, if you will turn your ways and repent towards Me, if you will rise up from the sleep of callousness, nothing of this danger will come upon your land. I will bind them; I will turn the winds away; I will scatter the diseases; I will cause your irrigation land to be fertile; I will cause a hundred-fold harvest in your fruits.’

‘Therefore My beloved nation, these days of grace that I have given to you, it is important for you to make a quick decision. These are the good things I have kept for your land. You must choose between the good things I have kept for you or the wrath that I have kept for you. I have given a short time for you. I am calling the churches to repent.

O Philippines, O Philippines, I have stretched forth My wings and I’m waiting for you. As a hen will gather his chickens, I am waiting to hide you under My wings. If you pay heed to My voice, I will cause rains of goodness to come upon you. There will be help in His raindrops; your nation will be blessed in the eyes of the world. You will bear My words to the rest of the world; you will be called by My Name as My people. I will bear you up byMy hand; I will lift up your young people.’

‘Therefore, remember these days that I have given to you. How long must I continually speak to you? O My ministers, how many times must I tell you to repent? Repent towards Me. There is grace and peace with Me. I am calling you to bind your wounds; I’m calling you to lift you up; I’m calling you to protect you from the dangers to come. Even because of that, I’ve come with burden in this place.’

‘I see the Lord standing in your midst. He’s wearing a long robe with yellow, white color. His beard and moustache are like the color of grapes. There is some kind of sadness in His eyes. He’s standing before you with two outstretched hands, “Oh My beloved nation, how can I see your destruction? How can I see your flesh being consumed? How can I see your children begging for bread? If you will be careless (callous) to pay heed to the blessings I have for you, just think for a moment who else is in this world to save you? Which nation shall weep for you? Which nation will share bread with you? Which nation will open its doors for you? There is none.’

‘Therefore I desire that today you will repent. I’m standing in your midst. O Church listen to My voice, enough, enough of bandelling in the affairs of the world, enough of running after useless things, enough of wasting your precious time and strength on needless things. I have forgotten the days of your ignorance, but now I expect you to know. Therefore nation, I have sent My prophets in your midst. It is I Who spoke through them; it is not the voice of a man. It is My message that I will give.’

‘Therefore Churches, all you people who shepherd the flock, today is the day of salvation; today is the day of salvation. Oh, you do not close your doors. Turn away from your wicked ways; know that the Lord is God. Only then you shall be saved. Your nation shall be saved. Your people will be saved. I, the Lord, am not carelessly talking to you.

If wicked things will begin to pass upon your land, it will be talked about to the uttermost part of the world. As the famine came upon Somalia, as plagues came upon many nations in Africa, as the whole world saw that and wept for them, the whole world will sorrow over the wicked things that will come upon this land.’
‘But you are wise, you will know how to escape from all these when the day comes. You will inherit all the good blessings I have for you. I am speaking to you knowing that you are a wise person. The Lord says, “I am standing near you.”

‘I am able to see the Lord. I am able to see the Presence of the Lord hovering in our midst. I’m able to see angels walking in our midst. Many angels have come down; the Presence of the Lord has come down. Even though I close or open my eyes, I’m able to see that. The angels are 1 ½ times taller than you. They are standing on my right and my left and are standing all over this auditorium. I’m able to see more than hundreds of angels. The Lord is standing near you. His hands are stretched towards you. His eyes are looking at you and your heart.’

‘The Lord asks, “This is a time appointed for you; this is an opportunity appointed for you.” The Lord is speaking to every person in this place. “Come to Me, talk to Me. What do you want Me to do for you? Before the bowl of wrath will be poured out, before My righteousness and judgment shall be executed in the land, behold come and hide under My wings.” The Lord looks at me and says, He turns and looks at me and He says, “My son, ask My people to talk to Me, you keep quiet; for a few minutes let them talk to Me. Let them tear their hearts and commit themselves to Me. Let there arise from them tears and mourning like the tears and mournings in the house of a dead person. I am willing to be moved with compassion for them.’
‘I want to touch many; I want to touch many church leaders; I want to touch the small and big pastors; I want to touch the young people. But let them speak to Me; they must commit their heart to Me; they must repent today, right now.” The Lord says, “This is your time now.” Speak to your God; whatever you like, you speak to Him. Don’t hide your sins and repent. Confess the sins of your churches; confess your carelessness (callousness).’